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The Township of Clearview's By-laws are set by the Township Council and are public information available for viewing.
If you have any questions regarding any of the Township's By-laws, please contact the Senior By-Law Enforcement Officer:
Tel: (705) 428-6230 ext. 241 Email:
If you wish to obtain an Official Version of any of our By-laws please contact the Clerk's Office at (705) 428-6230


Property Standards By-law

Effective January 1, 2018, the Township of Clearview will have a Property Standards By-law in place. This By-law establishes minimum standards for the appearance and structural state of buildings and properties throughout the Township. To view the Property Standards By-law, please click here

If you would like more information about the Property Standards Committee, please visit the Committee's page by clicking here

Canine Control

Licensing Dogs

Under Canine By-law 01-50 (as amended), the Township requires that all dog owners, harbourers or possessors of dogs, licence their dog with the Township and obtain a dog tag. The tag must be attached to the dog’s collar or harness.
Every dog over 3 months (12 weeks) of age kept within the Township of Clearview is required to be licenced annually. In order to purchase a dog licence, you are required to show proof that a rabies vaccination has been administered within the previous 12 months; a valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate, or copy of, from a Veterinary Service (See “Rabies” )
The licence is renewable annually and the licence year runs from 1st January to 31st December. There is a grace period between 1st January and the 31st March to allow you to obtain the current year’s licence.
You are allowed 2 dogs, for any third or subsequent dogs the licence fee is doubled. A maximum of 2 dogs in a residential area are allowed and a maximum of 5 elsewhere other than residential areas. If you don’t licence your dog on or before 31st March the licence fee increases.
The Application to renew a dog licence can be downloaded from Applications and Forms
The Fees for Dog Licences can be downloaded from Fees and Charges 

New Dog

If you acquire a dog after the 31st March of the current year then your licence fee is pro-rated at the rate of $2.00 per month, a minimum fee of $10.00 applies.
The Application for a new dog licence can be downloaded from Applications and Forms

Pit Bulls

In accordance with the Dog Owners’ Liability Act and its regulations, dogs defined as pit bulls include, Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and any dogs having the substantial characteristics of any of these breeds (cross breeds).
If you acquire a pit bull dog as defined then the Township requires you to complete and sign an application that will assist in determining the legal status of the dog in Ontario and if such acquisition was legal.  
Please consult the Dog Owners’ Liability Act and Regulations for control of pit bulls at
The Application to register a pit bull can be downloaded from Applications and Forms

Payment Options

Dog Licences (tags) can be purchased at our Administration Office at 217 Gideon Street, Stayner, L0M-1S0, Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.  We accept cash, cheque and Interac as forms of payment. 
If you are unable to attend the Administration Office during regular business hours you have 2 options;
1.MAIL, your completed application form (available on our website) with a copy of the valid rabies certificate together with appropriate payment cheque made payable to “The Township of Clearview” at 217 Gideon Street, Stayner, ON, L0M 1S0, Attention: By-Law Department. 
2.DROP BOX; provide all the above information and payment deposit your envelope in the Gideon Street entrance door drop box.
Upon processing your application we will mail your dog tag(s) to you.
* Please do not send cash in the mail or drop box. 
If you have moved or no longer have a dog please call our Office at 705 428-6230 x 241 with all pertinent information.
In an effort to reduce paper waste, we would like to update our Canine Control file with the email addresses of dog owners. If you wish to be contacted via email, please provide us with your email address in the designated area on the Dog Licence Application Form or send an email to  Your information will remain private and for the sole purpose of communication between our By-law department and yourself.

Licensing Kennels      

If you operate a kennel within the Township of Clearview then you are required to licence the operation. 
If you are considering opening up a kennel within the Township then you must make application through the Township’s Planning Department to determine if your property has the appropriate zoning.

The Kennel Licence Application can be downloaded from Applications and Forms



The Health Protection and Promotion Act. O Reg 567 Section 1, link , requires that dogs having attained the age of 3 months are required to be vaccinated against rabies.    
In accordance with the regulation, the Township  requires that at the time of licencing your dog(s) you have to show proof of a valid rabies vaccination within the preceding 12 months. After examining the validity of your certificate and receiving payment of the licence fee the Township will issue your dog licence.
*Note: The Township does not keep records of your dog’s vaccination certificates.


If the Township picks-up your dog for running at large then a fee for such service is charged.
The current fee can be viewed at Fees and Charges.


Clearview Township is now using the Alliston District Humane Society for our Pound Services.
Any dog picked up within Clearview Township by our Canine Control Officers, where an owner can not be located or contacted to immediately pick up their dog, the dog will be taken to the Alliston District Humane Society located at:
5545 Concession 4,
Box 1455 Tosorontio Township,
Everett, Ontario  L0M 1J0
Dogs maybe claimed upon arrangement according to the following schedule:
9am - 6pm  Monday to Friday
9am - 6pm Saturday
9am - 12 noon  Sunday
CLOSED on Statutory holidays
To determine if your dog has been taken to the pound please contact By-law and Canine Control at 705-428-6230 Ext 241 or 260 or page an officer at 1-888-248-8911.
The Township of Clearview has an impoundment charge . Therefore if your dog is picked up by Township staff for running at large and is taken to the pound, a pick-up charge and impoundment charge would apply in addition to any fees assessed by the pound keeper. 
Township impoundment charges can be viewed at Fees and Charges  

Bites or Attacks   

The Township’s By-law Enforcement and Canine Control Office have a shared responsibility with the Ontario Provincial Police to investigate all reported dog bites and attacks. 
The Township staff presently has a protocol with the police that the Township will investigate all such incidents. The regulating legislation is the Dog Owners’ Liability Act and its Regulations which can be viewed at


Domesticated Animals  

The Township presently only controls dogs and farm animals that trespass. We do not have a cat by-law or regulate or control any other domestic animals.
You may wish to contact the Humane Society concerning the finding of stray or injured domesticated animals.  

Wild Animals   

The Township does not control or provide any service for the control of wild animals. If wild animals present a nuisance you may wish to contact the Ministry of Natural Resources.
For information and advice contact the Ministry of Natural Resources Midhurst District office at (705) 725-7500. If wild animals present a danger then please call the police 911.


Ontario Wildlife Damage Claim Program

Township of Clearview Live Stock Valuers

Erika Hovius             705-466-3096
Chris Monaghan       705-445-5714
Rick Metheral           705-466-3295
Allan Fisher              705-445-0329
Russel Flack            705-443-1224
Kim Paterson           705-241-4084

Backyard Chickens


Sign Permit

The Sign By-law requires that you obtain a “Sign Permit” under certain circumstances and for particular signage.
In some instances a “Building Permit” is also required and you would also make application to the building department. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the by-law was structured so that generally if you comply with the requirements of the by-law then you do not need to obtain a permit.
If you are in any doubt about the compliance of any intended signage then please contact the By-law Office at (705) 428-6230 ext 241 or complete the Sign Infornation Request Form and forward to the By-Law office.
Sign Permit Application can be downloaded from Applications and Forms

Sidewalk Permit

Upon the issue of a “Sidewalk Permit” businesses are allowed to place items on or allow signage to overhang the sidewalk immediately in front of the business premises.
The business owner has to comply with all the conditions of the permit including having the Township named on their insurance policy in the sum of $2 million. Presently there is no charge for the permit.
Applications are to be made through the By-law Office. (705) 428-6230 ext 241.
The Sidewalk Permit Application can be downloaded from Applications and Forms

Public Fireworks Permit

A permit is required for a Public Fireworks display. Application to be made to the Fire Chief.
The Public Fireworks Display Application can be downloaded from Applications and Forms

Special Events      

A Special Event is defined in section 2(j) of the Specil Event By-Lay 05-20.
All applications must be submitted through the By-law Office at (705) 428-6230 ext 241. Applications must be received at least 120 days prior to the event.   
The Special Event Permit Application can be downloaded from Applications and Forms

Vendor Permit

A permit is required for vendors of food, merchandise or services on Township owned lands. Vending is prohibited on all municipal lands except where approved by permit for:
    1) Vending on municipal parkland at a Township approved event; and,
    2) Vending on a municipal road right-of-way where the municipality has temporarily closed the street for the purposes of a Township approved event.
The Application for Vendor Permit can be downloaded from Applications and Forms  
The Vendor Permit fees are defined in the Vending on Municipal Lands Policy which can be downloaded from Fees and Charges