Building Permits 

A building permit is a formal written approval from the Township of Clearview to construct, add on to, or renovate an existing building on your property.
Building permits are necessary because they enable a municipality to ensure that all buildings meet the terms set out by the municipal zoning by-laws, the Ontario Building Code and any health and safety regulations that may come into play.
There are many instances that require an individual to obtain a building permit. It is necessary to apply for a building permit when you plan on:
  • Constructing a New Building
  • Renovating an Existing Building
  • Constructing or Excavating a Foundation
  • Installing or Replacing a Septic System
  • Installing a Heating, Plumbing, or Air Conditioning System.
  • Demolishing a Building
  • Building a deck

Typically, the Building Department is able to process completed applications within 10 business days.  However, processing time can vary according to:

  •      Season (the spring is usually a very busy period with numerous applications);
  •      The number and complexity of other applications/requirements;
  •      Submission of a complete application;
  •      Submission of fees/development charges.
Please contact Building Department if you are unsure of the necessary process required for your building project. Our department will guide you through the steps that need to be followed. It may be the case that other municipal approvals are also required.
Common additional approvals that may be required are:
 -  Zoning By-Law Amendment (this process takes a minimum of 3 months)
 -  Minor Variance (this process takes a minimum of 2 months)
 -  Site Plan Approval (this process may take several months or more depending on complexity of the application)
If your proposal is subject to an existing site plan or subdivision/condominium agreement, you may also be required to provide information to demonstrate compliance with those requirements.
Prior to issuing a building permit or associated approvals, you may also be required to obtain approvals from other agencies. This is the applicant's responsibility and can affect timing of your approvals.
Some of the more common agency requirements are:
  • Niagara Escarpment Commission - A building permit can not be issued for works in the Niagara Escarpment Plan without an NEC development permit or exemption.
  • Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority - You may need a NVCA permit for works within the floodplain, on slopes, on other hazard areas or in fill regulated areas.
  • County of Simcoe - You may require a permit from the County of Simcoe for works along or adjacent to County roads.
  • Ministry of Transportation - You may need a permit from the Ministry of Transportation for works along or adjacent to Provnicial Highways.
  • Ministry of the Environment - You may require a permit from the Ministry of the Environment for such projects as large sewage systems or those requiring other environment approvals.
Once you have submitted a building application to the Township, it will be reviewed to determine compliance with the Building Code Act. Your application will also be reviewed to ensure that it complies with the Zoning By-Law and any other applicable requirements.
If you have any questions on the subject of building permit fees please contact the Building Department for clarification at (705) 428-6230 Ext 232.
The Building Permit Fees and Charges can be downloaded from Fees and Charges