News Release - "Push the Button" for Safety

CLEARVIEW - Clearview Fire & Emergency Services, Office of the Fire
Marshal and TVOKids are teaming up to raise awareness about testing
smoke alarms. Help get the message out about the "Push the Button!"
campaign. We want as many smoke alarms tested in as many Clearview
homes as possible between Monday, February 23rd and Sunday, March

We are encouraging everyone in our community to "Push the Button!" and
test the smoke alarms in their homes. Kids at home will love the permission
to "Push the Button!" to hear if the alarms are working.

Once they've tested their smoke alarms, kids are encouraged to go to and enter into TVOKids interactive smoke alarm and
record the number of alarms they have tested. The number will be added
to TVOKids "Push the Button!" counter. Then print off your "Push the
Button" certificate.

"Clearview Fire and Emergency Service is encouraging children and their
families to think about fire safety in their home by testing the fire alarm,"
stated Fire Chief Colin Shewell. "Also every home must have a working
smoke alarm on every level and near sleeping areas."

For more information on the fire safety, visit or follow us
on Twitter @clearviewfire.

For more information, contact:

Colin Shewell, Fire Chief
(705) 428-6230 x 403
Janet Chester,
Feb 23, 2015, 7:27 AM