News Release - Farm Rescue Extrication

CLEARVIEW – On February 17, 2015 @ approximately 3:50 pm, Clearview Fire & Emergency Services along with Paramedics, responded to a farm where a man had become entangle in the transmission area of a tractor. The man was assessed on scene and transported to hospital to receive further medical care. 

When fire crews arrived and stabilized (block & brace) the tractor, they were able to dismantle and actually split the front and the rear components apart to gain access to the transmission. Crews were then able to access more components of the transmission and remove the forearm of the individual. This process was guided by the patient that was conscience and alert along with the help from his son, both individuals are very familiar with the tractor. 

The process to remove the patient lasted approximately 50 minutes. ORNGE air ambulance was tiered as a precaution, was cancelled on route. 

Fortunately the man was able to alert his family via cell phone that he had close to him. 

"This is a serious reminder that when working alone or outside on a recreational activity always have a cell phone nearby and let someone know where you are at all time” said Fire Chief Colin Shewell. 

For more information, contact: 

Fire Chief Colin Shewell
Clearview Township
(705) 428-6230 Ext 403
Miglena Valeva,
Feb 18, 2015, 5:37 AM