NEWS RELEASE - Clearview Energy Saving LED Street Lighting Project Underway

CLEARVIEW –A Township wide energy savings program that will see the installation of over 850 LED street lights throughout Clearview is underway. Clearview is expected to save over $65,112.00 in annual combined energy and maintenance savings.
“We are excited to undertake this environmentally responsible project that will significantly reduce our annual utility costs,” says Mayor/County Councillor Christopher Vanderkruys. “Reducing our energy consumption and impact on the environment aligns well with Clearview’s sustainability goals.”
The new LED street lighting technology consumes less electricity, requires less maintenance and has a longer asset life resulting in less frequent replacement.
New LED street lights will replace existing fixtures using existing pole arms. The LED street light upgrades will occur from July through the fall of 2015. There will be minimal disruption to the public during the installation period and lighting on roadways will not be affected.
In addition to reducing costs, LED street lights bring additional benefits to Clearview and its residence. The New LED street light fixtures are dark sky compliant producing light that does not project skyward, or outside the roadway and towards residences. The light distribution patterns will be chosen to minimize existing dark spots between fixtures.
The LED Street lighting upgrade is part of the Clearview Energy Infrastructure Improvement Plan projects with Honeywell, which also includes the following energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Aeration system upgrades at the Creemore and Stayner wastewater treatment plants;
  • A new ice plant at Stayner arena;
  • Low e-ceilings installation at the Creemore and Stayner arenas;
  • Heating conversion of Creemore Community Centre and Arena from oil to gas
  • Lighting system upgrades at Sunnidale and Creemore libraries;
  • Building automation control system improvements at the Administration Centre;
  • Building envelope upgrades at various facilities;
  • Public and staff communication and awareness initiatives;
The projects are expected to save approximately $163,000 in utility and operational costs annually. These savings are guaranteed by Honeywell under an energy-savings performance contract. The program will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 197 metric tonnes per year. According to Environment Canada, this is equivalent to removing close to 66 medium size cars from the road on an annual basis.
The program supports efficient use of infrastructure and achieving environmental sustainability which are key principles outlined in Clearview’s Strategic Plan.


For more information contact:
Steve Sage
705-428-6230 ext. 230
Scott McLeod
705-428-6230 ext. 231