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Help Make a Difference to Healthcare in Your Community

posted Apr 1, 2016, 8:02 AM by Tim Hendry   [ updated Apr 1, 2016, 8:02 AM ]
Help Make a Difference to Healthcare in Your Community 
The Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (G&M) is seeking dynamic candidates for positions on the Board of Trustees. The complexity of healthcare is increasing and now more than ever, strong, strategic governance leadership is required.  

Ultimate accountability for the services provided by the hospital is held by the Board of Trustees. Working in partnership with the senior management team of the hospital, the Board provides oversight of operations, foresight in terms of planning for the future and insight to ensure the right questions are being asked. New members are being sought to be a part of this Board for the term commencing June 2016.    

Board members are expected to be responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the hospital corporation, as well as the broader healthcare system. Integration of services locally and regionally is a key direction the hospital is taking to better support the healthcare needs of our community. Board members are expected to be active members of the team, have the ability to think strategically and communicate effectively. 

The hospital is currently seeking candidates who, preferably although not necessarily, have had previous not-for-profit Board experience and an understanding of the nature, complexity and needs of Ontario’s evolving health system and the needs of our patients and their families for seamless care within and beyond the hospital. Interested individuals can submit a resumé by April 15, 2016 to stevensj@cgmh.on.ca

For further information, contact Jennifer Stevens, Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees at 705-445-2550 ext 8303 or visit our website at www.cgmh.on.ca
Tim Hendry,
Apr 1, 2016, 8:02 AM