County of Simcoe - Collingwood Street Bridge Replacement - Construction Newsletter No. 1

Simcoe County Engineering, Planning and Environment Division
Transportation and Engineering Department
Monday, July 6, 2015

Collingwood Street Bridge Replacement

Premier Concrete Inc. is scheduled to start the Collingwood Street Bridge construction on July 13, 2015. The construction is expected to be completed by November 13, 2015.

The work includes but is not limited to environmental controls, clearing and grubbing, removals, rehab of existing trusses, precast concrete block retaining walls, piling, concrete substructure, precast concrete box girders, concrete deck and sidewalks, steel box beam railing, approach roadworks, guide rail, historical plaque and site restoration

Detour Road

During construction Collingwood Street will be closed to traffic at the bridge site starting July 13, 2015. The use of an off-site detour route will be in place. The detour route will utilize Collingwood Street, 6/7 Sideroad Nottawasaga, Concession Road 5 South Nottawasaga and Caroline Street West.

We ask for your patience during this time of bridge improvements.

How Will I Get to My Home/Business?

The Contractor will maintain access to your home/business. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Will My Services Be Affected?

Telephone, Electrical, Cable TV and gas services should not be affected by the construction, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Construction involves the use of heavy equipment and the unavoidable creation of obstacles at times during the process.

These circumstances are often attractive to children, and as such, we ask that you caution your children to stay clear of the working area.

If they must walk by the construction activity, an adult should accompany small children.

The Contractor is required to conduct the work in a safe manner. We ask that you take extra caution during the construction period to ensure everyone’s safety.

Who Do I Call If I Have a Problem?

AECOM has been retained by Simcoe County to provide contract administration and construction supervision.

Premier Concrete Inc. is the project General Contractor.

If you have any questions regarding the construction please call:


Jeff Partridge
Premier Concrete Inc.
Project Supervisor
(519) 276-7830

Robb Brown
Construction Site Inspector
(705) 790-7205


David McDonald
Contract Administrator
(705) 205-7050

Julie Scruton, P.Eng.
County of Simcoe
Manager, Transportation Construction
(705) 726-9300 Ext. 1176

Janet Chester,
Jul 3, 2015, 6:18 AM