Council Agenda and Minutes 

Individuals who submit letters and other information to Council should be aware that any personal information contained within their communications may become part of the public record and may be made available through the Council Agenda process and may be published.
Any person providing information and/or comments at public or open meetings will be considered by the Township of Clearview as consent to the individual's personal information and comments and that this information may become part of the public record and may be published.

Council Agenda

2018 Agendas

Agenda Jan 15.pdf - Download
Agenda Jan 29.pdf - Download
Agenda Feb 12.pdf - Download
Agenda Mar 5.pdf - Download
Agenda Mar 19.pdf - Download
Agenda April 9.pdf - Download
Agenda April 23.pdf - Download
Agenda May 7 Revised.pdf - Download
Agenda May 28.pdf - Download
Agenda June 4.pdf - Download
Agenda June 22.pdf - Download
Agenda June 25.pdf - Download
Agenda July 16 Revised.pdf - Download
Agenda July 30.pdf - Download
Agenda Aug 13.pdf - Download
Agenda Aug 29.pdf - Download
Agenda Sept 17.pdf - Download

2017 Agendas

Agenda Jan 9.pdf - 109k Download
Agenda Jan 23.pdf - 142k Download
Agenda Feb 13.pdf - 121k Download
Agenda Mar 6.pdf - 131k Download
On Desk Item (March 6) Download
Agenda March 16 Special Meeting.pdf - 426k Download
Agenda Mar 20.pdf - 124k Download
Agenda Mar 22 Special Meeting.pdf - 57k Download
Agenda April 10.pdf Revised- 157k Download
Agenda April 24.pdf Revised- 127k Download
Agenda May 1.pdf Revised- 98k Download
Agenda May 3.pdf Revised- 58k Download
Agenda May 16.pdf - 124k Download
Agenda May 29.pdf - 56k Download
Agenda June 5.pdf - 234k Download
Agenda June 16.pdf -54k Download
Agenda June 26.pdf -176k (REVISED) Download
Agenda July 4.pdf -74k Download
Agenda July 17.pdf -121k Download
On Desk Item (July 17) Download
Agenda July 31.pdf -145k Download
Agenda August 8 Special Meeting.pdf - 80k Download
Agenda August 21.pdf -131k Download
Agenda September 11.pdf -131k Download
Agenda September 25.pdf -141k Download
Agenda October 2.pdf -141k Download
Agenda October 16.pdf -141k Download
Agenda October 30.pdf - 132k Download
Agenda November 13.pdf - 132k Download
Agenda November 27.pdf - 132k Download
Agenda December 11.pdf - 138k Download

2016 Agendas

Agenda Jan 11.pdf- 132k Download
Agenda Jan 25.pdf- 123k Download
Agenda Feb 8.pdf- 115k Download
Agenda Feb 24.pdf- 59k Download
Agenda Feb 29.pdf- 123k Download
Agenda Mar 21 (Revised).pdf- 163k Download
Added Information- March 21- Download
Agenda Mar 29.pdf- 59k Download
Agenda Apr 11.pdf- 218k Download
Agenda Apr 25.pdf - 149k Download
Attachment April 25.pdf - 27k Download
Special Agenda Apr 27.pdf- 54k Download
Special Agenda May 2.pdf- 54k Download
Agenda May 16.pdf - 56k Download
Agenda May 30 Revised.pdf - 109k Download
Council Bus Tour Jun 3.pdf - 99k Download
Special Agenda Jun 7.pdf- 57k Download
Agenda Jun 13.pdf - 102k Download
Special Meeting- Closed Session- June 15.pdf- 57k Download
Agenda June 27.pdf - 141k Download
Added Item June 27- 49k Download
Agenda July 18 Amended.pdf- 204k Download
Agenda August 22.pdf - 242k Download
Agenda September 12 (revised).pdf - 127k Download
Agenda September 26.pdf - 226k Download
Agenda October 3.pdf - 59k Download
Added Item October 3rd - 312k Download
Agenda October 17.pdf - 242k Download
On Desk Item October 17.pdf - 1541k Download
Agenda October 24.pdf - 242k Download
Agenda November 14.pdf - 242k Download
Agenda November 28.pdf - 242k Download
Agenda December 7 Special Meeting.pdf - 51k Download
Agenda December 12.pdf - 111k Download

2015 Agendas

Agenda Dec 7.pdf- 167k Download
Agenda Nov 23.pdf- 118k Download
Agenda Nov 9.pdf- 130k Download
Agenda Oct 26.pdf- 141k Download
Agenda Oct 5.pdf- 105k Download
Agenda Sept 28.pdf- 140k Download
Agenda Sept 14.pdf- 214k Download
Agenda Aug 10.pdf - 33712k Download
Agenda July 13 revised.pdf - 13393k Download
Agenda July 13 with links - 214k Download
Agenda July 6 - Special Meeting.pdf - 9323k Download
Agenda June 25.pdf - 100k Download
Agenda June 22. pdf - 9819k Download
Agenda June 15 - Special Meeting.pdf - 19k Download
Agenda June 1.pdf - 15302k Download
Agenda May 25.pdf - 23406k Download
Agenda May 11.pdf - 32972k Download
Agenda May 7.pdf - 96k Download
Agenda Apr 29 - Emergency Meeting.pdf - 33k Download
Agenda Apr 27.pdf - 4669k Download
Agenda Apr 20 Special Meeting.pdf - 156k Download
Agenda Apr 13.pdf - 17295k Download
Agenda Apr 9 Special Meeting.pdf - 417k Download
Agenda Mar 23.pdf - 11761 Download
Agenda Mar 2.pdf - 7071k Download
Agenda Feb 9,pdf - 17484k Download
Agenda Feb 4 Orientation.pdf - 144k Download
Feb 4 Orientation Presentations.pdf - 17233k Download
Agenda Jan 26.pdf - 16590k Download
Agenda Jan 19 Orientation.pdf - 26k Download
Jan 19 Orientation Presentations.pdf - 3940k Download
Agenda Jan 12.pdf - 30900k Download


Council Minutes

2018 Minutes

Minutes July 16.pdf Download
Minutes June 25.pdf Download
Minutes June 22.pdf Download
Minutes June 4.pdf Download
Minutes May 28.pdf Download
Minutes May 7.pdf Download
Minutes Apr 23.pdf Download
Minutes Apr 9.pdf Download
Minutes Mar 19.pdf Download
Minutes Mar 5.pdf Download
Minutes Feb 12.pdf Download
Minutes Jan 29.pdf Download
Minutes Jan 15.pdf Download

2017 Minutes

Minutes Dec 11.pdf 1160k Download
Minutes Nov 27.pdf 970k Download
Minutes Nov 13.pdf 710k Download
Minutes Oct 30.pdf 1090k Download
Minutes Oct 16.pdf 1109k Download
Minutes Oct 2.pdf 280k Download
Minutes Sept 25.pdf 903k Download
Minutes Sept 11.pdf 1000k Download
Minutes Aug 21.pdf 794 Download
Minutes Aug 8.pdf 530k Download
Minutes July 31.pdf 801k Download
Minutes July 17.pdf 828k Download
Minutes July 4.pdf 518k Download
Minutes June 26.pdf 1074k Download
Minutes June 16.pdf 260k Download
Minutes June 5.pdf 1220k Download
Minutes May 29.pdf 399k Download
Minutes May 16.pdf 1148k Download
Minutes May 3.pdf 312k Download
Minutes May 1.pdf 469k Download
Minutes Apr 24.pdf 782k Download
Minutes Apr 10.pdf 832k Download
Minutes Mar 22.pdf 454k Download
Minutes Mar 20.pdf 1033k Download
Minutes Mar 16.pdf 383k Download
Minutes Mar 6.pdf 1085k Download
Minutes Feb 13.pdf 1095k Download
Minutes Jan 23.pdf 800k Download
Minutes Jan 9.pdf 814k Download

2016 Minutes

Minutes Dec 12.pdf 809k Download
Minutes Dec 7.pdf 449k Download
Minutes Nov 28.pdf 1009k Download
Minutes Nov 28 Budget Workshop #2.pdf 590k Download
Minutes Nov 14.pdf 1000k Download
Minutes Oct 24.pdf 985k Download
Minutes Oct 24 Budget Workshop #1.pdf 438k Download
Minutes Oct 17.pdf 406k Download
Minutes Oct 3.pdf 921k Download
Minutes Sept 26.pdf 917k Download
Minutes Sept 12.pdf 925k Download
Minutes Aug 22.pdf 1488k Download
Minutes July 18.pdf 889k Download
Minutes June 27.pdf 928k Download
Minutes June 15.pdf 344k Download
Minutes June 13.pdf 1401k Download
Minutes June 7.pdf 298k Download
Minutes June 3.pdf 232k Download
Minutes May 30.pdf 880k Download 
Minutes May 16.pdf 959k Download
Minutes May 2.pdf 523k Download
Minutes Apr 27.pdf 411k Download
Minutes Apr 25.pdf 1068k Download
Minutes Apr 11.pdf 993k Download
Minutes Mar 29.pdf 387k Download
Minutes Mar 21.pdf 1239k Download
Minutes Feb 29.pdf 975k Download
Minutes Feb 24.pdf 379k Download
Minutes Feb 8.pdf 542k Download
Minutes Jan 25.pdf 1033k Download
Minutes Jan 11.pdf 875k Download
Minutes Jan 11 Budget Workshop #4.pdf 464k Download

2015 Minutes 

Minutes Dec 7.pdf 1004k Download
Minutes Nov 23.pdf 573k Download
Minutes Nov 23.pdf Budget Workshop #3.pdf 199k Download
Minutes Nov 9.pdf 919k Download
Minutes Nov 9 Budget Workshop #2.pdf 335k Download
Minutes Oct 26.pdf 907k Download
Minutes Oct 26 Budget Workshop #1.pdf 308k Download
Minutes Oct 5.pdf 679k Download
Minutes Sep 28.pdf 1092 Download
Minutes Sep 14.pdf 1490k Download
Minutes Aug 10.pdf 1063k Download
Minutes July 13.pdf 616k Download
Minutes July 6.pdf 228k Download
Minutes June 25.pdf 338k Download
Minutes June 22.pdf 1071k Download
Minutes June 15.pdf 268k Download
Minutes June 1.pdf 850k Download
Minutes May 25.pdf 577k Download
Minutes May 11.pdf 718k Download
Minutes May 7.pdf 403k Download
Minutes Apr 29.pdf 357k Download
Minutes Apr 27.pdf 602k Download
Minutes Apr 20.pdf 317k Download
Minutes Apr 13.pdf 1413k Download
Minutes Apr 9.pdf 412k Download
Minutes Mar 23.pdf 1469k Download
Minutes Mar 2.pdf 724k Download
Minutes Feb 9.pdf 677k Download
Minutes Feb 4 Orientation.pdf 311k Download
Minutes Jan 26.pdf - 693k Download
Minutes Jan 19 Orientation.pdf 319k Download
Minutes Jan 12.pdf - 949k Download
Minutes Jan 12 Budget Workshop #2.pdf 302k Download