Sunnidale Winterama Committee

The Sunnidale Winterama Committee was officially established through By-Law 11-65 as a Clearview Municipal Board.

By-Law 11-65 

Roles and Functions

  • To organize a winter carnival the first weekend in February
  • To raise funds to hold the winter carnival
  • To donate surplus funds to local service organizations for use to purchase capital equipment that promotes culture and recreation in Clearview

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are open to the public and are called at the discretion of the Chair. 


Emmie Carlson, Chair
Kim Meadows, Treasurer
Jessica Co'Dyre
Kyla Armstrong
Dav Wylie
Agnes Van Ryn
Dave Kennedy
Tracey Hinchey
Steve Warren
Heidi Sterrenburg
Chuck Arrand
Dave Grant

Council Representatives: Councillor Deborah Bronee, Councillor Connie Leishman

Contact Information

For more information regarding the Sunnidale Winterama Committee, please contact Emmie Carlson (705) 816-0697 or