Creemore Log Cabin Service Board

The Creemore Log Cabin Board is an administrative board dealing with the operations and promotion of the Creemore Log Cabin.

The Board was originally established in 2006 as the George Street Log Cabin Service Board through By-Law 06-15, but changed its name to the Creemore Log Cabin Service Board in 2009 through By-Law 09-58. 

By-Law 06-15            By-Law 09-58

Meeting Schedule

The Creemore Log Cabin Service Board holds meetings at the call of the Chair and the public is welcome to attend. 


Chris Raible, Chair
Pat Raible, Treasurer
Michelle McKenzie, Director
John Ferris, Director
Paul Vorstermans, Director

Council Representative: Councillor Thom Paterson


 For more information regarding the Creemore Log Cabin, please contact Thom Paterson